Agricoltural company La Caprareccia is situated in Batignano, South of Tuscany. Thanks to the excellent terroir olive trees have been growing here for centuries, nowadays giving birth to precious Ombroso Extra virgin Olive Oil Italy.

“My name is Emilio Palazzesi, I’m honored to present you Ombroso Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced at my estate in the heart of Maremma, Southern Tuscany. Our land is situated in the hills of Batignano, a small medieval town where time seemingly  stopped and the surrounding nature doesn’t know the meaning of pollution. About 3000 of our olive trees (some are 100 years old) enjoy the favorable climate and unique terroir thanks to our privileged geographical position: 150 meters above sea level and 22 km away from Tyrrhenian sea. The olive plantation has been here for centuries and we are passionate about continuing the family tradition.

The olives are picked early when only half ripe. They give less oil, but more complex flavors and low acidity. Once picked, the olives are transported immediately to our own olive oil mill where they pass through the cold press. Then the oil is decanted and not filtered to preserve its aromas and antioxidants. The control body of The Consortium for the protection of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP conduct chemical and sensory tests before issuing a quality certificate.  After bottling, each bottle is numbered by hand and the mark of Geographical Protection ( IGP Indicazione Geografica Protetta) is attached to guarantee the quality and Tuscan origin.


To observe the changing of the seasons and see year after year the growth of the fruit is a true blessing. We are proud to receive this gift of  nature and transform it to Ombroso, our best quality extra virgin olive oil. Releasing it to the market we share with you the sublime emotions and the love for our territory, its fertile soil and our ancestor’s traditions..”